INERTIA – TV Show idea

Hello everyone!

The time has come for me to finally share my idea for Inertia TV show. Based in the CW world, inspired by many big comic book stories and set in more than just one period, I present to you the story of rise and fall of a young Thaddeus Thawne II, known as the supervillain Inertia, who finds himself in a war he does not fully understand.


(with slightly original, not 100% canonic backstory)

Thaddeus Thawne II is a teenager living in the early 26th century (or mid to late 23rd, if we go by CW´s Eobard Thawne being from late 22nd) and despite the world being in a great place right now, he does not live a happy live.

Since his birth (or creation – he is a clone of Bart Allen mixed with Thawne genes) he has been caught up in the middle of a centuries-long war between Allen/Flash family and the Thawne family. His father, Thaddeus I is a secret son of the infamous evil speedster known as the Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom – Eobard Thawne himself.

Eobard (thanks to time travel) helped Thaddeus´s father, The President of the Central Megalopolis, to raise him so he can fullfil his destiny – be the end of the Allen/Flash family.

Eobard also helped President Thawne with his creation – he mixed, back then just a newly born, Bart Allen´s DNA with his and President´s so that Thaddeus II would become the weapon they want.

The story starts when Thaddeus II turns 15, an age when kids in his time become adults. An age, when he has to take on the Thawne legacy.

Later on, the story will take us to see as young Thaddeus Thawne II goes on a journey of seeking his destiny, which leads him to becoming the supervillain known as Inertia.

Read the whole story here!

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