Who am I?


I´m Paul and I´m a “writer wannabe”, meaning I love crafting and writing stories, which I´m gonna be publishing here. So, welcome 🙂

These stories will be either “my own” – original stories that I created from scratch, or “inspired” – stories based on characters and events occuring in other media.

These “inspired” stories will mostly be from the rich world of DC Comics and so in this way I ´d like to pay my respect to everyne involved in creating this incredible world. I do not claim any rights on characters or used/referenced plot points in any kind of way, mine are just the stories and possible new, original characters.

I love fiction, especially fantasy, sci-fi, comic books and comic book-based movies and TV shows, but I may get into other stories as well, since it is what I want to do.

I will do my best to post the new stories on weekends, but not on every weekend (depending on how much other work I have), with supporting posts on Instagram and Twitter, where I will also post updates.

Also, I´m gonna do reviews from time to time, or just “Opinion Posts”, where I will share my thoughts on existing stories in all the media.

Let´s get into it!

Twitter @pali_mat

Instagram: @camokeshody

E-mail: camokeshody@gmail.com